Apollo Rendezvous 2009

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The Miami Valley Astronomical Society
The Astronomical League
Great Lakes Region
The 39th Annual Apollo Rendezvous Telescope Convention & GreatCon 2009
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June 12-13, 2009

Apollo Rendezvous is one of the premier annual gatherings of amateur astronomers in the United States. Each year these amateur astronomers meet with friends and colleagues from around the country and the world at the birthplace of aviation, Dayton, Ohio.

This is the 39th year for Apollo Rendezvous and also the International Year of Astronomy 2009. A great year for all of us who enjoy the night sky.

Celebrating Galileo’s Discoveries” It has been 400 years since Galileo turned the newly invented telescope skyward to study the stellar heavens. Join us at Apollo Rendezvous and celebrate with us as we revive a sense of how he lived and felt during this historic period of great astronomic discovery.

Door Prizes
Apollo Rendezvous wouldn’t be what it is without door prizes. So even during these troubling times of economic uncertainty we hope to offer some wonderful door prizes provided by the MVAS, our vendors, and friends in the astronomic community. Door Prizes will be drawn at the conclusion of our speaker session on Saturday.

We plan on having several raffles this year so be sure to bring some extra cash and take a chance on what are always fabulous prizes. Beyond our usual large prize offerings, we will be preparing astronomical gift baskets that are sure to peak your interests.

Museum Exhibit
Enjoy the “Denizens of the Milky Way: How Humans Came to Understand the Universe”- An exhibit in honor of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. It will share some of the previous ways humans perceived the universe and some of the ways astronomy has influenced cultures by including some museum collection items that feature astronomy related symbols and patterns. The show is produced by the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

The Day Galileo Changed the Universe Given by David Eicher Dave Eicher is one of the most widely recognized astronomy enthusiasts in the world. He has been with Astronomy Magazine for 25 years, beginning as an assistant editor and working through associate, senior, and managing positions. He has been the magazine’s editor since 2002.

Dave has spoken widely to amateur astronomy groups, logged hundreds of hours at the eyepiece, and has written seven books on astronomical observing. Among the most used by amateur astronomers are “The Universe from Your Backyard” (Cambridge University Press), “Deep-Sky Observing with Small Telescopes” (Enslow), and “Stars and Galaxies” (Kalmbach Books). In addition to his book writing, Dave has written or edited hundreds of articles on all facets of astronomy, science and hobby. Several years ago, the International Astronomical Union named a minor planet, 3617 Eicher in recognition of Dave’s service to astronomy.

A native of Oxford, Ohio, Dave now lives in Big Bend, Wisconsin. His other interests include Civil War and World War II history, his collection and study of meteorites, and his love of travel. Dave also is an accomplished rock and blues drummer and dabbles in guitar.

Dave will be speaking about Galileo Galilei, his re-invention of the telescope, his early observations, and the many places where he lived and worked.

Just prior to Apollo Rendezvous, Dave will be visiting Italy and walking in Galileo’s footsteps and getting a sense of the man and his life. This relates perfectly with our theme and the International Year of Astronomy.

Meteorites and our Solar System
speaker Ronald S. Whitehead Ronald S. Whitehead is retired from the USAF and is currently president of his own company, M42Orion, Inc., providing global and USA program and project management training and education. He resides with his wife of 44 years, Leigh, in Dayton, Ohio.

Ron has been an avid amateur astronomer for almost 60 years and has collected metoerites for over 20 years. Ron also is the chair of the Great Lakes Region of the Astronomical League, and participates in activities concerning the ASP and the IDA.

Ron’s presentation will be about what we can learn concerning our solar system’s birth and it’s early years by studying meteorites. Metoerites are the astronomical fossels of the universe and can tell us much about other solar systems and other worlds. By examining meteorites we can learn how they were formed and what makes up their composition.

"Cosmic Journeyman: Observing With the Masters" speaker Tammy Plotner
Tammy is the President of the Richland Astronomical Society at Warren Rupp Observatory and the Executive Secretary of the Astronomical League. Tammy serves the astronomy world in many capacities, such as an editor for NASA Space Place, a Night Sky Network coordinator and presentor and a tireless outreach worker.Tammy is the author of eight popular astronomy books, and a staff writer for the on-line space news website “Universe Today”.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have known Charles Messier, Sir William Herschel, or Lord Rosse? Take a walk with the “Cosmic Journeyman”... You’ll find out what it was like as well as discovering yourself in more contemporary names like EE. Barnard, Robert Burnham Jr., Leslie Peltier, David Levy, Stephan James O’Meara, and more...

MallinCam Astrophotography Presentation by Jim Ventling & Rick Weiss
Listen as Jim and Rick tells us how a highly sensitive video camera can be a terrific tool for illustrating astronomical objects in real time and in striking detail and how this camera can elevate observing and outreach.

Astrophotography Exhibition
As always, we will be holding the AR astrophotography exhibit this year. Please watch the website for updates on contest and submission rules. Email Linda at ar@mvas.org for details and submission information.

Telescope Fair
AR would not be complete without the telescope fair. Bring your homemade telescope or modified commercial telescope with you to AR and enter it in the fair. Contact Linda at ar@mvas.org for details on submission information and rules.

Food and Drink
A box lunch will be available for purchase when registering in advance. Please see the registration lunch order form for choices.

Swap Meet
We will have an enlarged swap meet area this year. The MVAS has cleaned out its closets and we expect to have a lot of stuff for purchase. If you have something to sell, bring it with you and place it in the swap/sale area.

Stargaze and BBQ
Saturday evening we will close AR once again with our traditional BBQ and Stargaze. Come out to our dark sky site at John Byran State Park Observatory and take a look at one of the finest amateur operated and funded observatories in the area. The food is great and the company is even better. This is a grand cap to AR that you will not want to miss.

For Information on Apollo Rendezvous contact Linda at Ar@mvas.org