Solar Prominences

Hi All,

Here are some Solar Prominence that I captured yesterday 02-22-2012 around 12:00 noon, actually shot through some thin hazy clouds!

Been dying to image but clouds have been killing me here in Ohio.

There are not many sunspots facing us right now, but the solar limb was very active, Prominence activity was extremely high…many large prominences were visible and changing rapidly, fun to watch!

Captured from my backyard in Dayton, Ohio

DMK 21AF04 Fire-wire Camera, 2x Barlow, &

Lunt Hydrogen 60mm/LS 50F Alpha Solar telescope.

742 Frames stacked in Registax 6

Best Regards,

John Chumack

Solar Prominences & filament 02-22-2012
Solar Prominences Black disk 02-22-2012