M95 and SN2012aw 2012/3/17.13 UT

Telescope: Meade LXD75 SN6
Camera: Canon Rebel T2i
Filter: Orion Imaging Sky Glow Filter
Guide scope: Meade DSX-90, DSI Pro II, PHD
Exposure: 32x30sec, ISO 1600 saved as RAW
Darks: Internal
Flat: Synthetic
Software: Backyard EOS, Deep Sky Stacker, Photoshop, Nebulosity

As luck should have it, while imaging Mars and M96 I also captured M95 in the same field. A few hours after I took those images a supernova (SN2012aw) was discovered in M95. I went back and re-cropped the original source images to center M95 in the field. This isn’t the best image of M95, but it does show the supernova quite well. I went back and looked at M95 with my photometric kit this evening and although I wasn’t able to get a good image due to increasing haze I was able to get a good estimate of the brightness through a V photometric filter; 13.3 at 1h 20m UT on 3/21/2012.

Neat Stuff.


M95 & SN2012AW (3-16-2012)j.JPG

Too cool. It seems to me

Too cool. It seems to me that this Suprenova was just discovered. I wonder how close to the first light of the Supernova reaching Earth your image is?

It's all about Laminin!

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