Sombrero galaxy (M104)

Couldn't pass up the opportunity of having such a dark sky with no moon last night near Woodland Alters campground in southern Ohio. Here is a series of M104, the Sombrero galaxy. This is 19 x 150s. Would have shot longer but everything was starting to dew up at around 1 AM when these were taken. Other than the dew, conditions were excellent.


Nice image of the

Nice image of the sombrero,

which camera did you use?

I agree seeing and transparency was excellent last night!

best regards,
John Chumack

John, Good point should have


Good point should have mentioned that. Both the Sombrero and the Whirpool (M51) were captured using the Celestron 8 SCT, the AS-GT mount, Orion 80 mm short tube with Imaging Source camera for guiding, and the Canon 350D (unmodified). PHD guiding, Deep Sky Stacker, Photoshop with plugins for post processing.

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